Save 17%-33% on your annual Mobile Lube maintenance services by making two simple choices:

1. Use Synthetic Oil

While Synthetic oil services cost $17-$20 more per service than Standard oil services, Synthetic oil services come with a recommended service interval of 5000 miles compared to a recommended service interval of 3000 miles for Standard oil services. If you do the math, you actually save 8%-9% (cost per mile) by using Synthetic oil instead of Standard oil, plus you get the superior engine protection capabilities of Synthetic Oil.

2. Put your fleet vehicles on the same schedule

By scheduling several vehicles to be serviced at the same time and location, you will save 9%-26% through Mobile Lube's aggressive multi-vehicle discount structure - the savings increase with the number of vehicles serviced together.


Company B has 11 delivery vehicles, each of which are driven an average of 15,000 miles per year.

Standard Operating Procedure
The service manager schedules the vehicles to be serviced every 3000 miles, using standard oil. His
annual costs for Mobile Lube services is $2,472.

The Switch
By switching over to Synthetic oil, he only needs to service the vehicles every 5000 miles and achieves an annual
savings of $329.

The Schedule
The service manager figures out that the vehicles each need service within only a few days of one another, so he decides to have all eleven vehicles serviced every four months (the average time to rack up 5000 miles per vehicle) on the same day. This allows him to achieve an additional annual
savings of $495.

Bottom Line
By implementing these two simple steps, the service manager has
saved Company B $824 or 33% in annual maintenance costs. At the same time, he has made his maintenance job more efficient and has implemented the use of better products and services for the company's vehicles.

Number of Vehicles Serviced at the Same Time and Location

Standard Oil

3000-Mile Service Interval

Synthetic Oil

5000-Mile Service Interval
1 $49.95 $69.95
2-5 $44.95 $64.95
6-10 $35.95 $53.95
11+ $32.95 $49.95
  • Savings percentages vary according to the number of vehicles serviced and specific engine oil capacities.
  • Prices above include up to 5 Quarts engine oil.
  • Additional quarts are $2.00/qt - Standard Oil and $6.00/qt - Synthetic Oil
  • 3000-Mile recommended service interval using Standard Oil
  • 5000-Mile recommended service interval using Synthetic Oil
  • Please see service area zones for charges that may apply to you depending on service location.

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