The following lists some frequently asked questions and answers about Mobile Lube's services and products. If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail or call 1-800-354-4497.
Questions Answers 
Does Mobile Lube replace boat fuel filters and water separators? Yes, at an additional charge.
Does Mobile Lube replace headlights or other bulbs? Yes, at an additional charge. But, these services must be requested when making the appointment.
Does Mobile Lube replace air filters? Yes, at an additional charge. Air filters must be requested when making the appointment.
Does Mobile Lube replace windshield wipers? Yes, at an additional charge.
Does Mobile Lube perform chassis lubrication? Only on heavy equipment, as required.
Does Mobile Lube service transmissions? No
Does Mobile Lube service differentials or transfer cases? No
Does Mobile Lube replace automotive fuel filters? No
Does Mobile Lube service boat trailer or automotive brakes? No
Does Mobile Lube provide a discount if I have my own oil and/or filter? Yes, if you provide your own oil and/or filter, Mobile Lube will deduct up to $5 off the service.
Does Mobile Lube provide detailing services? No.
What areas does Mobile Lube service? Primarily South Peninsula and South Bay areas. Peninsula up to Palo Alto, South Bay to Los Gatos, and East Bay to Pleasanton. Special arrangements can be made upon request.
Does Mobile Lube perform single or multi-vehicle services at public businesses, homes, or other locations? Yes, with prior permission from the business owner or property manager. Groups of two or more, at the same location and time, will receive a $5 discount off each vehicle.
Do I have to be present when the service is performed? No, you do not have to be present. Mobile Lube will make arrangements for you to leave the keys and payment information. Mobile Lube will lock your keys in the vehicle (where specified) with your receipt, unless other arrangements are requested.
Can I pre-schedule appointments on a periodic basis? Yes, you may schedule your vehicle to be serviced every 3 months (for example). Mobile Lube will call and confirm your appointment a few days prior to the scheduled service date.
Does Mobile Lube accept credit cards or debit cards? Yes, Mobile Lube accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
Does Mobile Lube accept personal checks? Yes.
Does Mobile Lube accept cash? Yes.
What brand oil does Mobile Lube use? Various multi-weight engine oils meeting SG/SH specifications, Mobil 1 Synthetic multi-weight engine oils, or BMW Synthetic 5W30 engine oil.
Can I specify a preferred brand of oil? Yes, You may specify a preferred brand of oil, depending on availability. An additional charge may be assessed, depending on brand.
What brand oil and air filters does Mobile Lube use? Mobile Lube uses the industry's best high quality Wix premium filters for our Deluxe Service and Original Equipment Manufacturer filters for our Euro/OEM Services.
Can I specify a preferred brand of oil filter or air filter? Yes, You may specify a preferred brand of filter, depending on availability. An additional charge may be assessed, depending on brand.
Does Mobile Lube offer a Senior Citizens Discount? Yes, Mobile Lube offers a 10% discount off all services for our customers age 55 years and over.
How soon can Mobile Lube come and perform services on my vehicle? Appointments must be made at least two days in advance to allow time for the Mobile Lube technician to prepare for yor service.
Do I have to dispose of the waste oil and other hazardous products resulting from the service? No, Mobile Lube disposes of all waste oil, filters, and other hazardous products for you, in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.
Does Mobile Lube practice clean workmanship and take precautions against oil spillage, etc. under the vehicle or on the premises? Yes, Mobile Lube takes every precaution to ensure your driveway and property are left the same way they were found. Mobile Lube covers the immediate work area with absorption material prior to starting the service.
Can Mobile Lube perform oil change services on boats in the water or in a storage location? Yes, Mobile Lube utilizes a unique fully portable pump device capable of extracting the used oil directly from either the dipstick tube or a previously installed drain plug adapter hose. Permission to perform the service may be required by the property manager at some locations.

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